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  • Agmark Certificate

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What is AGMARK?

AGMARK remains for AGricultural MARKeting. AGMARK is a sign of affirmation which is utilized on horticultural items in India. This insistence attests that the thing or item in better term is deductively set down. It asserts the quality control and the best hygienic sustenance.

THE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE ACT OF 1937, legitimately uphold AGMARK in India. The present norms cover a wide assortment of items, for example, beats, grains, natural products and vegetables and so forth.

Importance of AGMARK?

  •   It assures that the products relates to a set of standards which are approved by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an agency of the GOVT OF INDIA.

  • FAQS

    Any Accreditated Inspection and Certification Agency under the National Programme for Organic Production is eligible to apply for seeking Certificate of Authorisation. 24 agencies are accreditated under the National Programme for Organic Production presently.

    All agricultural commodities grown and/or processed organically and certified under Agmark have Agmark India Organic Insignia printed on the container. Consumers should check the Agmark India Organic insignia, batch number, lot number, date of packing and best before date while making the purchase. Consumer should ensure that container is properly sealed and is not tampered.