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What is ISI Mark?

ISI imprint is an affirmation mark for mechanical things in India. The imprints guarantees that a thing confirms to the Indian Standard, specified as IS:xxxx on top of the imprint, made by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) the national standard assortment of India. The ISI imprint is by a wide edge the most seen accreditation mark in the Indian subcontinent. The name ISI is a shortening of Indian Standards Institute, the past name of the Bureau of Indian Standards. It has 7-digit permit number (CM/L-xxxxxxx) required by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). CM/L number is compulsory for all ISI checks else; it is a culpable offense by the law. The ISI imprint is obligatory for guaranteeing things to be sold in India, similarly as other of the electrical machines like wiring links, switches, radiators, electric engines, kitchen apparatuses et cetera, and diverse things like LPG valves, LPG chambers, Portland concrete, car tires et cetera. Regardless, because of most diverse things it is deliberate.

Who can utilize the ISI mark?

  •   Submitting an application at the nearest BIS office. A BIS officer will then evaluate at the factory level, the capability of the producer to produce goods according to the standards laid down for the category. Sample of products are tested at the factory and outside. If the assessment is satisfactory and the product passes all the test, a license is allotted and the producer can utilize the coveted ISI mark.
  •   The producer gives test reports to BIS after it gets the item tested in the bureau’s labs and gets the necessary documents certified independently. BIS should check the veracity of the reports within a month and grant a license for utilization of the ISI mark..

  • FAQS

    BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) allot ISI Mark.

    Indian Standards Institute.

    The initial validity period of the License is 1 year.

    A Punishment of one year or a penalty of upto Rs. 50,000 or both can be levied on the person misusing ISI Mark.

    When you have any information about any product with duplicate ISI mark, then complaint BIS immediately on the below address.
    Deputy Director General (Enforcement), Bureau of Indian Standards, Third Floor, Maanak Bhawan, 9, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110002, Ph. No. 011-23233650, Fax: 011-23217421, Email:,,