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Process of Individual Return Filing

Complete our simple online questionnaire
Provide the necessary Information and Documents asked by our Income Tax Expert.
Individual Return is prepared by our Expert and send for approval
We file the verified and approved Individual return with Income tax Department

Filing of Individual Return

Compensations taxpayerswho are acquiring more than 5 Lakhs assessable wage is compulsory for E-documenting of pay expense return.You will need to mandatorily record your individual return . on the off chance that you fall in the 5-10 Lakhs charge chunk. Wage Tax return .is required to be reported by 30th September consistently. It is required for all the corporate evaluates and non-corporate surveys (like organization firm, Proprietorship firm, affiliation and so forth.) whose records are required to be reviewed. For all different surveys due date is 31st July every year.

It is a report that will be E-Filing; the entire procedure of conceding discounts got to be less demanding for the legislature to complete as all exchanges get put away in a focal database. Along these lines pay distribution additionally turns out to be more compelling and straightforward as does the advancement of the nation.

This can offer you to record your Income Some assistance with taxing returns on the web.

Advantages of Filing Tax

  • Simple to get Loans-Your Tax return demonstrates your validity to the banks.
  • Abstain from paying punishments E-File your Itr on time keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from paying any Penalty.
  • Recover your overabundance Money if there should arise an occurrence of abundance derivation; E-Filing helps you to get a discount.
  • Feel Good Factor-Be a decent national by contributing in the nation's development.
  • Get the VISA Stamped-Flying abroad? Your government form serves as a proof for your money related status.


Salaried individuals, individuals with income from salary, house property, other sources can e-file their taxes. Form 16 from employer is a must for salaried individuals.

Yes. Even if you have multiple Form 16s you can upload them.

You do not need to worry about which ITR you need to file. As you fill in your details in the application,our experts will check the ITR based on your specific TAX Situation