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Process for Profession-Tax Registration

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Profession tax ?

Profession tax is a tax levied by the state. Anyone who is earning income from salary or is engaged in any profession, trade, calling have to pay professional tax. An employer has to get his organization or company registered under the profession tax Act. After the profession tax registration will get a registration certificate stating that his organization is registered, and now he can discharge their individual tax liability for five years by paying lump sum amount equal to the amount of Profession Tax for four years in advance, getting relief for one year’s payment. jabc.in is an online platform that helps you in registration of profession tax online and obtaining registration certificate. jabc.in provides affordable, quick and reliable online profession tax registration service and guarantee highest quality standard backed by 100% customer satisfaction. Profession tax registration is easy with jabc.in. You would be required to follow certain simple steps and provide the required documents for the registration of profession tax, and our team of qualified professionals would take care of all the legal and administrative aspects of filing your documents with the Tax department. Subject matter experts are available on call or via email to answer your queries. We offer services through an online model and a network of trusted affiliates across all major cities in India.