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What is Project Finance?

Project finance is a method of financing yen/ large capital intensive projects, with long gestation period, where the lenders rely on the assets created for the project as security and the cash flow generated by the project as source of funds for repaying their dues.

Simply put, project finance is essentially financing on the security of the project itself, with limped or no recourse against the sponsors of the project or other parties involved in the development and implementation of the project. Due to such characteristics of project finance, the loans sought by the borrowers are always approved by the lenders on the basis of strong in-house appraisal of the cost and viability of the ventures as well as the credit standing of project promoters.

Project finance generally covers green-field industrial projects, capacity expansion at existing manufacturing units, construction ventures or other infrastructure projects. The term 'infrastructure projects' is used here in its general and wide meaning to describe physical structures (such as roads, highways, ports, airports etc.) or systems (such as electncr4, transmission system, pipeline distribution systems) that are designed, built, operated and maintained to provide for certain physical facilities (such as roads, railways, airports, urban mass rapid transit systems) or commodities (such as natural gas, petroleum, electricity) or for the due utilization of natural resources (water, crude oil, minerals) or provision of services (telecommunications, broadcasting, air transport services, waste handling and treatment).


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