Public Limited Company Registration
Ideal for those Raising capital from Public.

What is included?

  • DIN for 3 Directors
  • Digital Signature For 3 Directors
  • Name Search & approval
  • ROC registration Fees
  • Company Pan Card

Why Choose Us?

  • You Dont have to run around for Paperwork
  • We save your Time
  • 50-70% Cheaper
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Process for Public limited company registration

Complete our simple online questionnaire
Obtaining DSC & DIN and Name Approval
We create your documents and file them with ROC
Your Certificate of Incorporation and Pan Card will be sent through Courier.

What is Public Limited Company?

A public limited company (PLC) is the standard legal designation of a company which has offered shares to the general public and has limited liability. A Public Limited Company's stock can be acquired by anyone and holders are only limited to potentially lose the amount paid for the shares.

A public limited company is a voluntary association of members which is incorporated and, therefore has a separate legal existence and the liability of whose members is limited

A Company is a separate legal person and juristic person under the law. The company on its own can hold properties and is differs from its members and Directors. The Board of Directors of the Company can only authorised to manage the company, but they do not own the company entirely.

Private limited company is the most popular corporate entity amongst small, medium and large businesses in India due to various advantages.

There are some specific requirements for a PLC which must be met:

  • The minimum number of shareholders must be two (a private limited company only needs one shareholder)
  • Accounts must be filed within 6 months of the year end (the limit is 9 months for a private company)
  • The Company Secretary must be a qualified person (in a private company the secretary does not need to be qualified)
  • The minimum number of Directors is two (just one needed for a private company)

Advantages of Public Limited Company?

  • Restricted Liability-Members Personal resources are protected, Liability of organization is constrained to the benefits of same.
  • Continuous Existence-An organization has never-ending presence and stays unaffected by death of any of its individuals or change in participation.
  • Acquiring Capacity-In contrast with different structures, more inclination is given to open constrained organization in giving advance.
  • Separate Legal Entity-An open restricted organization is a legitimate element and a juristic individual built up under the Act.
  • Posting Shares on Exchange-By taking after compliances open restricted organization can list its shares on stock trade.
  • Speedy Share Transfer-Shareholders of Public Limited Company can exchange their Shares without hardly lifting a finger.

Minimum requirements for Public limited company?

  •  Minimum 7 Shareholders
  •  Minimum 5 Lac Share Capital
  •   Minimum 3 Directors
  •   DIN for all Directors