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What is Sole Proprietorship Firm?

Administration expense is that sort of backhanded assessment which is demanded on the administrations gave by an administration supplier in India. It is a backhanded expense that the administration supplier pays the assessment and recuperates the same from the administration beneficiary of the assessable administrations.

Administration Tax Registration is obligatory for all administration suppliers with a turnover of over Rs. 9 Lakh (as characterized under the Act). Inability to apply would bring about punishments of Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 200 a day, for consistently, amid which such disappointment proceeds with, whichever is higher could be forced as punishment.

You have to document returns twice per year, paying little respect to whether your turnover surpasses Rs. 10 Lakh, in the event that you have a Service Tax Registration despite everything you have to document your profits by October 25th (for April to September) and by April 25 (for October to March), regardless of the possibility that you don't have any incomes. All your Service charge levy should be cleared before this recording. Punishments would be required if any inability to pay assessment forms by the due date. can offer you to document your Service some assistance with taxing returns on the web.

Features of Service Tax

  • Little scale administration suppliers are exempted from Service charge enlistment that gives administration of not as much as Rs. 10 Lakh in a year.
  • Administration charge enrollment is considered to be ensured if enlistment of administration duty is not issued inside of 7 days, in the wake of filling of structure ST1 alongside applicable archives.
  • Administration expense is not material for administrations traded from India.
  • Administration taxreturn is recorded twice every year. Return is required to be recorded by 25th October and 25th April separately for half-year finishing 30th September and 31st walk.


Service tax will be levied at Flat rate of 15% on the amount.

To obtain service tax registration, a copy of PAN Card, proof of address of business and constitution of the business [Partnership deed, Incorporation Certificate, etc.,] is required.

Service return payments must be deposited by Companies, Societies, Trust, etc., monthly. Proprietary Firms and Partnership Firms are required to make service return payments quarterly.

Failure to apply would result in penalties of Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 200 a day, whichever is higher.

Service Returns are filed half-yearly.Returns are to be filed twice a year on 25th october and 25th april for the half-year ending September and March respectively.

All persons or entities liable to pay this tax or having service tax registration must file tax returns.

The fine is Rs. 500 if the delay is up to 15 days, Rs. 1000 if the delay is up to 30 days and an additional Rs. 100 per day thereon, subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000.